Solar Power Telecommunication Systems

Solar Power systems are designed on the principle of daily energy balance-thus:

One must state the daily cumulative energy demand -over a 24 hour day AC or DC or Mixed load’s (kilowatt/Watt hours/day: Load watts x hours/day the Load is required to be ON) kwh/d loads the proposed system is expected to meet.

Since solar energy conversion depends on available solar irradiance, and insolation (incident solar radiation) the knowledge of the proposed installation site is important-to avoid errors of judgments,

Please contact us giving the above load energy demands to be provided from the proposed solar power plant giving site details.

Solar power systems can be designed either stand alone type or Hybrid type.

Stand alone systems are those where except solar energy there is no other source such as Utility Grid-Diesel generator or similar source that is expected to partially meet the load energy demands.

However to design either a stand alone system or a Hybrid system the Load energy and the site details are important to make a design.



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