Wind Solar Hybrid Systems

Vistar Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Designs, manufactures supplies- wind solar Hybrid systems to customer specific needs.

Wind generation is possible only by the average wind speed -that must be above the threshold of -minimum average wind speed to start generation from a wind turbine-is actually occurring at a site or is expected to be available.

Vistar assists user to find/access such data for any given site identified by Latitude- Longitude.

Solar Generation on the other hand is more predictable since the conversion technology of solar irradiance to electrical energy is more predictable.

Please contact us for further details giving:
♦ Expected site location.
♦ Feasibility to install at such site a wind generator, and solar generator-SPACE AT SITE, obstructions to wind/solar resource etc.
♦ Expected daily load energy demand at this site-essential to design the Plant capacity vis-à-vis Annual average-daily-available wind and solar resources.



Established: 1984
Business in UPS,CVCF, Power conditioning systems. Since 1997-98: Design Manufacture of Stand alone; Hybrid PV systems; Solar Water Pumping systems; Solar Power supply systems, including, Grid connected Solar PV systems, Manual and automatic Single Axis trackers; Remote monitoring systems.

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